JANDS Lashes: Review

I received a care package from JANDs about a month ago. I was really excited about their launch as they were the very first mink lash company in Bangladesh. So when I finally got them, I was literally amazed by the packaging and quality of them. They felt really good and well made.

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They have 3 styles of lashes for now. But I have heard that they will be coming out with new styles very soon which I can’t wait for.

The 3 styles they have now are-

1. Sylhet– This one is the most natural of them all. This one gives a look of wearing individual lashes and we all know the struggle of wearing individual lashes. But this one I have found is really easy to put on.


JANDs lashes in “Sylhet”

2. Dhaka– If you have hooded eyes this one is going to be your best friend. These are so fluttery and the hairs on them are not really long which is perfect for hooded eyes. And those who have almond shaped eyes can try them as well for a soft and natural look.


JANDs lashes in “Dhaka”

3. Moulvibazar– I call these “The goddess” lashes. These are extremely gorgeous which is gonna take your smokey eye makeup to an another level. These are so glamorous looking but surprisingly really lightweight to wear.


JANDs lashes in “Moulvibazar”

Some facts about JANDs lashes:

  • These are made with 100% natural hair
  • Chemical free
  • Cruelty free
  • They are named after different cities of Bangladesh which’s really wise of Sheuly Rumu Begum as she’s Bangladeshi.


  • Take the glue off the lashes when you remove them from your eyes
  • Keep the lashes in the box at all times so no dust gets onto it
  • Cut the lash strip if it’s too long for you

Undoubtedly, my friend Sheuly Rumu Begum has worked really hard on these lashes. She provided well made luxury lashes in a really low price of BDT 1300 which is so pocket friendly for luxury mink lashes.

And the best part is that you can use a single pair for 25 times. Well I haven’t worn them for 25 times yet. But after using them several more times, I will post another review here or on my Facebook Page. And if you wanna see how these lashes look on my eyes then keep an eye out on my Facebook Page, I will post them soon.

Where can you get it for spot purchase?

  • “Bangladesh Makeup Festival”
    Hotel Sarina ; Plot 27, Road 17, Banani C/A, Dhaka 1213
    June 3rd and 4th, 2016
    Stand No. 3
  • S C I C C O S O outlet.

Introducing Elysium Brushes

Today I am going to introduce you guys to an amazing brand I love which is none other than Elysium Brushes. I recieved a care package from them 2 months ago to try out their brushes. And trust me, the more I used the brushes, the more I fell in love with them. I am not saying this because this products were sent to me. I am saying this because I genuinely love the brand, their products and the people behind it.


Elysium deluxe brush set

They sent me the Elysium Deluxe Brush Set which has all the 17 brushes they make. The set costs for $150 which can be a little pricey for most of the people. But there are so many types of sets that are available on their website and you can even buy them individually WITH MY DISCOUNT CODE ( Faiza18 ) which will give you 5% discount if you buy it from Nexgen Limited (Available for Bangladeshi customers) and 10% off if you buy it from Elysium’s website (Available for international customers).

So now I will just stop blabbering and get into the small reviews.

Face brushes: There is a bush for everything. Contouring, highlighting, powdering, blending and what not. These face brushes are my favorite out of all. After using these I hardly reach for my other brushes. Either you are a beginner or a pro, these face brushes are a must for your kit.

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Eye brushes: The elysium eye brushes are made out of synthetic hair which works with every type of eyeshadows and picks up the products very well. Though I must say there are some hits and misses in these eye brushes which I will write a separate blogpost about. IMG_3637

Have you tried these brushes yet? If you haven’t then you must give them a try. I will do in depth reviews on all these 17 brushes on my next two blogposts. So if you wanna know which ones you should invest on, then keep an eye out on my blog, Facebook Page and Instagram ( @thebengalibeauty).


Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette: Review & Swatches

In terms of eyeshadows Urban Decay has been one of my most favorite brands. I love how buttery and pigmented their eyeshadows are. But the single shadows cost USD 20 which is really pricey for just one eyeshadow. But almost every year they come out with palettes that meet everyone’s needs. Their Naked palettes are absolutely staples for neutral lovers. But what about the people who love to play with colors? So here the Vice palettes come to rescue. Almost every holiday season Urban Decay comes out with different limited edition vice palettes which contains brand new and regular shades from their line as well.IMG_7119

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Oscars 2016: Top 5 Looks From The Red Carpet

The Oscars red carpet isn’t exactly known as the time for experiments. But this year the stars brought their beauty with a touch of elegance. They took the boring updos, pony tails, gowns to another level. So here are the top 5 jaw dropping actresses who totally pulled off their look this year.

So, I will start with one of my most favorite Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra who has earned quite a big name in the Hollywood industry as well. She slayed her white sheer gown by Zuhair Murad. And I don’t think anyone could pull off a low simple ponytail just like she did which complimented her matte berry lips so well.

Jennifer Lawrence’s super simple blonde lob suited really nicely with her stunning black and nude lace gown by Dior. And this time she was lucky enough from escaping to trip over her dress.

Olivia Wilde’s crown braid definitely wasn’t original but for her effortless beauty she has made it to the top 5.


88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The beautiful Margot Robbie looked like the Oscar statue in the best way possible. Her natural makeup made her slay the gold goddess outfit by Tom Ford.

Rachel McAdams looked stunning on her teal attire by August Getty Atelier. She pulled off her simple look with a traditional bun and her youthful smile. “GIRRLLL, That back!!”


So here are my top 5 picks from The Academy Awards Red Carpet. What are yours?

Morphe 35O Palette: REVIEW

While I was eagerly waiting for this palette to come back into stock on the Morphe website, I searched the internet high and low for a conclusive review and swatches of all the shades included. I didn’t really find anything that did that for me, so I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

As I write this, this palette remains out of stock on the Morphe site, but I hear via their social media that they will be re-stocking, so keep an eye out! (spolier alert: this palette is worth refreshing their website every 5 minutes for, you do NOT want to miss out). The cost of this palette is $23.00 US dollars, and you get 35 eyesadows in a hard plastic case. So when I saw that it’s back in stock and an amazing facebook page called Youth Infinity was taking the order for it, I was literally up for the mission to get it. Sadly Morphe website only allows you to take just one piece of this palette as it’s so hyped up and their stock is limited. This costed me BDT 3000 from Youth Infinity.


Morphe is making quite the name for itself recently, as the best quality makeup you can get for such a low price, and I can say after playing around with this palette that is 100% correct. Some of these shadows are creamier and more pigmented than some of the most expensive shadows I have in my collection. If you are just starting out, one of their many palettes would serve you so well. I cannot recommend them enough. I would love to be able to collect them all!


Onto the palette. This appealed to me because of the range of beautiful warm, orange-y shades. They are right up my alley. But, once it arrived and I had a good look at it, I notice that there are a few cooler tones in there as well, in a variety of different finishes. You get a good number of matte shades which is impressive and makes it a great palette in that you will probably not have to use any additional shades for everyday wear.


The mattes shades are not too powdery and they are easy to blend, which is amazing. Quite often you will find that cheaper matte eyeshadows will just fall all over your face with not much colour pay off. The shimmery and metallic  shades are out-of-this-world incredible. They have intense pigmentation, and some of them actually feel and act more like a cream shadow. For me, this is the mark of an incredible product!


A day time traditional look I created with this palette


Anyway, I’ll stop boring you and get on with the swatches!

1st Row:  I use this row a lot for day time simple looks. I love all the colors from this row except the 2nd one from left. Because it’s not that pigmented and fro the glitter flecks it doesn’t look that good as a brow bone highlighter.


1st row

2nd Row:  In this row, the 2nd colour from left is a duochrome shade which is not showing up in the picture. But trust me this is the most gorgeous shade you will ever get to see. It’s a light gold and pink duochrome. And the 3rd shade is a perfect lid colour for a natural eye makeup. The 1st shade is perfect for setting my eye primer. And the other matte shades in this row are the ones i reach for the most because they compliment my skin tone the best as transitional or as a crease colour. IMG_6221

3rd Row:  I just love the first 3 shades as they are so vibrant, pigmented and buttery.


4th Row:  This has to be my most favorite row of this palette. Because I can create my most favorite looks with this as I love an antique gold smokey eye look.


5th Row:  I love this row for all the dark matte shades which I can use to transition my look from day to night.And the warm metallic shades are just to die for. they compliment really well to traditional outfits like saree.


I think 0verall this palette is amazing for a very affordable price point of $23.00 US dollar. They eyeshadows are really good quality and works better than some of the highend brands. So I guess it was worth the wait. So if you can, then go and grab it as soon as it comes back in stock.

Pages and group you can get/ pre-order this palette from:

Youth infinity

“Bring It For Me”

Shop Online


Rasah Collection

Have you used it yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

xx Stay Beautiful.. xx



Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-made Palette

Hello, everyone!! I am really sorry for being M.I.A. I have been very busy with my life and studies. I have so many blog posts lined up, but i didn’t get a chance to finish any of them just because of my busy schedule. So now I have time, I can finally get into them.


So today I bring you a review on the very hyped up Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-made Palette. I Just love ABH palettes because they are great value for money and has incredible quality just like their individual eyeshadows which costs for $12 a piece. But this newest edition to ABH palettes contains 14 beautiful eyeshadows (not full-size) and this costs for only $35 on the ULTA website. Though the previous ones used to contain 12 shadows like ABH Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette (review).


This palette truly has the classiest packaging ABH has ever come up with. And this also comes with a big mirror which makes it user-friendly. All ABH palettes have the traditional cardboard packaging which makes them travel-friendly. Still everything comes down to the product.


This palette has a unique shade selection just like their previous releases. So now here are the 14 shades that are in this palette.

  • Pink Champagne:  Rose gold with a titanium finish. This shade got so much hype. So they decided to include it in this palette just like their previous one. IMG_5188
  • Metallic Plum: Dark plum with a metallic finish. This shade is perfect for a fall smokey eye.IMG_5189
  • Self-Made: Deep bronze with a satin finish. IMG_5191
  • Witchy: Khaki gray with a sparkle finish
  • IMG_5192
  • Blush: Light beige with a duo chrome pink finishIMG_5210
  • Blossom: Lilac pink with a metallic finishIMG_5194
  • Buttery: Buildable beige with an ultra-matte finishIMG_5195
  • Deep Purple: Amethyst purple with a titanium finishIMG_5196
  • Treasure: Ultra-light Champagne with a metallic finishIMG_5197
  • Hot & Cold: Rum brown with a metallic finish
  • IMG_5198
  • Sherbet: Ultra-light peach with a velvet finish. A really nice transition shade.IMG_5199
  • Isla: Sea foam green with a duo chrome gold finishIMG_5200
  • Spirit Rock: Galaxy black with a sparkle finishIMG_5201
  • Hot Chocolate: Rich, cocoa brown with an ultra-matte finishIMG_5202



Pink Champagne, Metallic Plum, Isla, Blush, Hot Chocolate, Buttery

This palette also includes a double-ended brush which is my absolute favorite.IMG_5203

This is a very versatile palette and has a really nice mixture of neutral and colours. But one thing the palette is missing is a matte crease colour. Though you can use “hot chocolate” mixed with “buttery” for a matte crease shade or even your bronzer. If shimmer doesn’t bother you in the crease then you can use the shade “Sherbert”.

I feel that this is a great palette if you like to try out new looks but not for someone who loves their neutrals. If i ever travel with this palette I think I will carry a neutral palette like Urban Decay Naked Palette (Review) or a palette with all matte shades like Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette (Review).

I think if you have the ABH Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette then you don’t need this one unless you are a makeup junkie like me. And if you couldn’t get your hands on the previous one then go for this one, I am sure that you won’t regret the purchase.

I rate this palette 8 out of 10.

I bought mine from a group called Lamppost and it costed me BDT 3500++. If you decide to purchase from them, tell them that I sent you even though I don’t make any commission whatsoever.

Have you tried this palette yet? If you have, then make sure you let me know about your thoughts on this palette. And if you find this blog helpful then make sure to follow me on my social medias and hit like on my blosposts. And for future posts make sure you subscribe your email on my blog to get notified.

xx Stay Beautiful xx


GRWM For An Early Morning Photoshoot : Makeup, Outfit and Essentials (Summer Edition)

Hey guys, recently I went for a casual early morning photoshoot with couple of my friends. As it was early in the morning and I still wanted to look somewhat presentable so I went for a very natural makeup look but still a flawless waterproof base as it’s still hot in Bangladesh. And for the outfit I chose a very traditional one.

Makeup: I went with a very long-lasting and heavy base makeup with light contour, simple eye makeup and a brown lips. I didn’t go for bright lips because if it fades or bleeds it’s gonna look really messy and in the morning bright lips looks kind of overdone I think. But you can do your makeup however you want, because “You do you, girl!!”


Products I Have Used: 

Base Makeup: Click Here


Eye Makeup:

1. Primer: ELF Eyelid Primer (sheer)

2. Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Naked Palette (Crease: buck, Lid: Half BakedOuter corner: Smog) (Brow bone, inner corner: Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma)

3. Eyeliners: Rimmel ScandalEyes Water-proof Kohl Eyeliner (nude: waterline, brown: lower lash line)

4. Mascara: L’ORÉAL Voluminous Butterfly Mascara (Blackest Black)

5. False eyelashes:  Ardell Demi Whispies



1. Sleek Au Naturel i-divine Eyeshadow Palette (Bark)

2. Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel (Black brown)

Face Makeup: 

1. Blush : MAC Powder Blush (dollymix)

2. Contour: Benefit Hoola Bronzer

3. Bronzer: Loreal True Match powder (W9.5)

4. Highlighter: The Balm Mary Lou Manizer



1. MAC Spice Lip Liner

2. MAC Lipstick (Taupe)

Outfit: I went for a traditional white selowar kamiz which was quite comfortable. Even if it was white it had golden thread work on it which made it look really gorgeous but not over done. I had plain white leggings on and a golden shimmer dupatta.


And with your accessories wear either a statement necklace or big earrings that goes well with your outfit. You can wear Bracelets and rings matching with your outfit. Always remember “Less is more”.


1. Tote bag

2. Facial tissue

3. Sunglass

4. Small perfume bottle

5. Water Bottle & Snacks

6. Umbrella

7. Extra memory cards & batteries

8. Makeup essential kit : 

**Concealer & Concealer brush

**Face Powder & Powder brush

**Blotting Paper

**Small Mirror

**Lipstick & Lip liner


1. Wear a light weight and comfortable dress

2. Download some sample pictures of different poses to have some good pictures

3. Pack your essentials

4. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen if it’s a daytime shoot

5. Wear simple makeup which is easy to fix

6. Accessorize well so that you look eye-catching in the pictures

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette: Review & Swatches

Eyeshadow palettes are my biggest weakness when it comes to makeup, I love to collect them and even though I have enough eyeshadows to last me a lifetime and some more, there’s nothing stopping me from purchasing new ones. If I could I would probably buy most of the palettes available on the market, thankfully I can’t afford this kind of craziness, but every now and then (quite often to be honest) I find a palette that I just need to have. As soon as I saw the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler palette popping on Instagram I fell in love with it. I couldn’t get my hands on the other palettes of ABH, so I just had to get this one.IMG_0231

This palette costed for USD 30 on Sephora and Ulta website. As this was a limited edition palette so it’s not available anymore.
The ABH Shadow Couture palette consists of 12 eyeshadows with different finishes, from matte, subtle shimmers to bold metallic. Some of them can be found as a single shades in the permanent line. The size of the pans are quite small, which doesn’t bother me as I’m yet to hit pan on any of my eyeshadows, but it might be something to consider for some of you. The pigmentation of most shades is fantastic, they blend really easily but don’t over-blend or become muddy on the eyes. They stay without creasing or fading for about 10 hours if used over a primer. I have experienced a bit of fallout with some shades but most of them perform very well. I think the overall quality of the palette is great, the colour selection is interesting with some bolder shades and the it’s a fantastic value for money.FullSizeRender
Now it’s time for the fun part, the swatches! Who else gets super excited to swatch their palettes? It’s one of my favourite things to do when playing with my makeup 🙂
As usual, I did the swatches without primer underneath, this time I took photos without flash.

Soft Peach – the name describes the colour perfectly, it’s matte shade, very similar to my skin tone but works perfectly as a transition crease shade, it’s silky soft with good colour payoff.

Soft Peach

Soft Peach

Morocco – medium brown with orange undertones, matte finish, great pigmentation and formula.



Heirloom – blackened matte purple with golden and purple sparkles, good pigmentation, silky soft, the sparkles tend to fall during the application so a sticky base and/or wet brush is advisable. It looks gorgeous applied over black pencil.



Bellini – beautiful golden peach with satin finish, good pigmentation and beautiful formula.



Pink Champagne – intensely sparkly, metallic pink with great pigmentation, it produces a bit of fallout during the application but using wet brush solves the problem and the eyeshadow looks like foiled one, gorgeous.

Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne

Chic – light silvery taupe, the pigmentation is not the best and it has to be layered over light base or used with wet brush to get the best of it, other then that it’s silky soft and doesn’t produce too much fall out.



Spoiled – I feel like the name is actually spot on as this shade spoils the palette for me, the pigmentation is poor and the golden sparkles, while they look lovely in the swatch, don’t stick to the base and fall over the eye area. It looks better layered over peach cream eyeshadow but on its own is really un-usable in my opinion.



Fudge – warm chocolate brown, matte finish, great pigmentation and lovely silky formula.



Azure – bright blue with black base and satin finish, great overall formula.



Intense Gaze – beautiful burgundy pink with satin finish, great pigmentation and buttery soft.

Intense Gaze

Intense Gaze

Metallic – antique gold with metallic finish and fantastic formula, love how unique this shade is.



Noir – matte black, great formula, normally I don’t get excited about black eyeshadow in a palette but the ABH ones are fantastic, blackest black and I love using it as my eye liner as it creates softer look and it’s also easier to correct any mistakes then with gel liner.



This Palette comes with a dual side blending brush which is quite nice anfd does its job,
Overall I really like this palette. But I think this palette misses a good highlighter shade which is a must for an eyeshadow palette. Otherwise the palette is really versatile. So many looks can be created with this.
I rate this palette 8 out of 10. 
Have you used this palette yet? What are your thoughts on this? Lemme know in the comments below.
xx Stay Beautiful.. xx

KIKO Haul & Mini Review

KIKO was having a huge sale on their website on some awesome selected products which were totally screaming my name. So mama went a lil bit crazy!!

As most of you know KIKO doesn’t sell the exact same products in the UK and USA. There’s a slight difference. So guess what? I made purchases from both of them.

There’s a lot, So I’ll straight jump right in.

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TARTE Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette : Review

Eyeshadows are my favorite. they are my most favorite thing to play with whenever I do my makeup. When I was younger people would compliment my eyes. And someone said, “Play up your best features”.

As my skin is really oily, so on daily basis I like to wear matte eyeshadows. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like shimmery shadows, it’s just that matte eyeshadows compliment my daily looks. And as I am gifted with brown eyes, so purples suit my eyes a lot. So I was in a search for a full matte palette with purple tones. Then I came across to TARTE’s one of the latest palletes Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette. This palette is breathtaking and boasts 12 matte eyeshadows very light to very dark.

The shades are very buttery and pigmented. That’s why they don’t cause that much fall out and are very easy to work with. Continue reading

Delicious & Healthy Salad Recipes For Summer

Eating fresh veggies and fruits is a must when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. During the hot summer I like to have salads for my lunch and dinner. I pile my salads high with fresh fruits and vegetables, which keeps me full and satisfied for a very long time. The best salads are simple, usually consisting of only a few main ingredients accompanied by a light homemade dressing. Remember one thing that proper balance of sweet, bitter and tangy flavors is the key to a delicious salad.

So here are some healthy salad dressings and mixes which I have tried and tested and tend to be the ones I reach for the most. Continue reading

Foundation 101 for combination/oily skin

Hi guys, I have got so many requests to do a blogpost about foundations for combination/oily skin. As I have very oily and slightly acne-prone skin so  here I am to talk about some foundations that have worked for me.

Okay, whoever said choice was a good thing probably wasn’t a woman trying to find the right foundation. Year ago we grabbed a bottle of beige cream and called it good, but now we have so many options to choose from including liquids, powders, sticks, pressed powders, and of course the new mineral powders. How are we ever to pick the right one?

So, I have tried different types of foundations in the past few years and there are very few that I liked. I have always preferred liquid foundations with matte or demi-matte finish. They tend to work the best for me with a matte primer underneath.

IMG_2235 Continue reading