Morphe 35O Palette: REVIEW

While I was eagerly waiting for this palette to come back into stock on the Morphe website, I searched the internet high and low for a conclusive review and swatches of all the shades included. I didn’t really find anything that did that for me, so I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

As I write this, this palette remains out of stock on the Morphe site, but I hear via their social media that they will be re-stocking, so keep an eye out! (spolier alert: this palette is worth refreshing their website every 5 minutes for, you do NOT want to miss out). The cost of this palette is $23.00 US dollars, and you get 35 eyesadows in a hard plastic case. So when I saw that it’s back in stock and an amazing facebook page called Youth Infinity was taking the order for it, I was literally up for the mission to get it. Sadly Morphe website only allows you to take just one piece of this palette as it’s so hyped up and their stock is limited. This costed me BDT 3000 from Youth Infinity.


Morphe is making quite the name for itself recently, as the best quality makeup you can get for such a low price, and I can say after playing around with this palette that is 100% correct. Some of these shadows are creamier and more pigmented than some of the most expensive shadows I have in my collection. If you are just starting out, one of their many palettes would serve you so well. I cannot recommend them enough. I would love to be able to collect them all!


Onto the palette. This appealed to me because of the range of beautiful warm, orange-y shades. They are right up my alley. But, once it arrived and I had a good look at it, I notice that there are a few cooler tones in there as well, in a variety of different finishes. You get a good number of matte shades which is impressive and makes it a great palette in that you will probably not have to use any additional shades for everyday wear.


The mattes shades are not too powdery and they are easy to blend, which is amazing. Quite often you will find that cheaper matte eyeshadows will just fall all over your face with not much colour pay off. The shimmery and metallic  shades are out-of-this-world incredible. They have intense pigmentation, and some of them actually feel and act more like a cream shadow. For me, this is the mark of an incredible product!


A day time traditional look I created with this palette


Anyway, I’ll stop boring you and get on with the swatches!

1st Row:  I use this row a lot for day time simple looks. I love all the colors from this row except the 2nd one from left. Because it’s not that pigmented and fro the glitter flecks it doesn’t look that good as a brow bone highlighter.


1st row

2nd Row:  In this row, the 2nd colour from left is a duochrome shade which is not showing up in the picture. But trust me this is the most gorgeous shade you will ever get to see. It’s a light gold and pink duochrome. And the 3rd shade is a perfect lid colour for a natural eye makeup. The 1st shade is perfect for setting my eye primer. And the other matte shades in this row are the ones i reach for the most because they compliment my skin tone the best as transitional or as a crease colour. IMG_6221

3rd Row:  I just love the first 3 shades as they are so vibrant, pigmented and buttery.


4th Row:  This has to be my most favorite row of this palette. Because I can create my most favorite looks with this as I love an antique gold smokey eye look.


5th Row:  I love this row for all the dark matte shades which I can use to transition my look from day to night.And the warm metallic shades are just to die for. they compliment really well to traditional outfits like saree.


I think 0verall this palette is amazing for a very affordable price point of $23.00 US dollar. They eyeshadows are really good quality and works better than some of the highend brands. So I guess it was worth the wait. So if you can, then go and grab it as soon as it comes back in stock.

Pages and group you can get/ pre-order this palette from:

Youth infinity

“Bring It For Me”

Shop Online


Rasah Collection

Have you used it yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

xx Stay Beautiful.. xx




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