Introducing Elysium Brushes

Today I am going to introduce you guys to an amazing brand I love which is none other than Elysium Brushes. I recieved a care package from them 2 months ago to try out their brushes. And trust me, the more I used the brushes, the more I fell in love with them. I am not saying this because this products were sent to me. I am saying this because I genuinely love the brand, their products and the people behind it.


Elysium deluxe brush set

They sent me the Elysium Deluxe Brush Set which has all the 17 brushes they make. The set costs for $150 which can be a little pricey for most of the people. But there are so many types of sets that are available on their website and you can even buy them individually WITH MY DISCOUNT CODE ( Faiza18 ) which will give you 5% discount if you buy it from Nexgen Limited (Available for Bangladeshi customers) and 10% off if you buy it from Elysium’s website (Available for international customers).

So now I will just stop blabbering and get into the small reviews.

Face brushes: There is a bush for everything. Contouring, highlighting, powdering, blending and what not. These face brushes are my favorite out of all. After using these I hardly reach for my other brushes. Either you are a beginner or a pro, these face brushes are a must for your kit.

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Eye brushes: The elysium eye brushes are made out of synthetic hair which works with every type of eyeshadows and picks up the products very well. Though I must say there are some hits and misses in these eye brushes which I will write a separate blogpost about. IMG_3637

Have you tried these brushes yet? If you haven’t then you must give them a try. I will do in depth reviews on all these 17 brushes on my next two blogposts. So if you wanna know which ones you should invest on, then keep an eye out on my blog, Facebook Page and Instagram ( @thebengalibeauty).



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